Sunday, August 19, 2007

Animate objects

There is so much fun and creative design going on around us. Came across the A+R Store online the other day. It sells exceptionally well-designed objects and housewares from around the world, many with a (dark) sense of humour. There is more than a modicum of genius in these objects. (And ladies, you must check out its disturbing/intriguing collection of "pleasure objects.")

Some of A+R's offerings:

"Clocky: the alarm clock that runs away"
If, like most humans, you don't get up at the first ring of the alarm but rather hit the snooze button every 9 minutes for the next hour, Clocky will actually fling himself off your nightstand, roll around on your floor until he finds himself a quiet dark corner, and "beep forlornly until you stagger up to switch him off." This gadget HAD to have been invented by someone with a dog.

Raise your hands if you love Clocky.

"Self-Balancing Serving Tray"
A device that evil time-travelling genius Dick Cheney/Dr.Emmett Brown himself would be proud of. Based on physics, this tray sort of defies gravity. It can be carried with one hand. It won't spill. And you have one hand free to gesture dramatically as you tell your friends about that weekend you spent locked in hotel room with the Argentinian polo team. Talk about an intriguing collection of pleasure objects. Rrrrowrrrr.

"Cow Baby Bottle"
You know, it's inevitable that you will screw up your kids. You know it's true. So why postpone the inevitable? Why not start right away, with this imitation cow-teat bottle--it is, after all, a fully functional baby bottle. The fact that it (creepily) has only 3 teats instead of the anatomically correct 4 adds a little extra "ooomph" to your child's psychological damage.

"Voodoo Knife Holder"
What disturbs me most is that this is the object I most "have to have." I must have it.

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Blogger Manuel said...

Self-Balancing Serving Tray

I work with some people who could do with that the fat handed twats...

5:25 PM  
Blogger whyioughtta said...

Heh heh having to carry a wobbly tray of drinks over your head.

2:29 PM  

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