Wednesday, June 13, 2007

May this bird of good fortune not poop on your head

Gigantoraptor. Gigantoraptor. Gigantoraptor. Gigantoraptor. Gigantoraptorgigantoraptorgigantoraptorgigantoraptor. I can't stop saying it.



This "robust" birdlike dinosaur was recently discovered by some very lucky and soon to be famous paleontologists in nortnern China. Just when you thought, "paleontology...humph, who studies that anymore?"

GIGANTOraptor was last seen 70 million years ago "pouncing on its prey with an open mouth and strong beak." See diagram above. (Apparently, dudes who look like they might drive a 75 Camaro and smoke unfiltered Salems were gigantoraptor's food of choice). Gigantoraptor weighed in at more than 3,000 lbs. Not something you want landing on your birdfeeder.

This reminds me: I was attacked by seagulls yesterday. Seriously. And THAT made me shriek.

(I will have a real post up soon.)

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Blogger Fat Sparrow said...

Mmmmm, Gigantoraptor.... Tastes like chicken.

You know, that culprit in your previous post might have been a baby Gigantoraptor.

And seagulls are related to lizards, which are related to dinosaurs, so obviously the reptilian/avian world is out to get you in some kind of convoluted "Final Destination" way.

3:47 AM  
Blogger Manuel said...

away with you, theres been one living round the back of the house for years. We leave out nuts n bread for him all the time....

7:32 AM  
Blogger whyioughtta said...

FS: Maybe I'm the "missing link" and nature's trying to tell me something. It would explain the prominent brow ridges...

Manwit: I just KNEW Ireland was populated by strange and magical creatures. I KNEW it.

4:57 AM  
Blogger angrycandy said...

oooo i heard about this on the cbc (i am an addict - i listen to the cbc obsessively - it's where i get all my learnin') - anyway, i don't understand the feather had feathers but didn't fly...well, i do, cause supposedly feathers evolved for insulation and not flying purposes but it all seems kinda convenient - like i sometimes feel these guys are making it up along the way - all these so called "theories of evolution"...bah. god made me. and the gigantoraptor. i'm sure he had a reason for making a giant icky mean bird. i don't question god's plan.....

9:49 AM  

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