Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Tips

These are tips, and it's Friday. The tips have nothing to do with Friday per se. It's just Friday, and these are tips...

1. Don't eat a large portion of whole wheat pasta with garlic right before bed. I know it's tempting. But don't do it. Have you read Stephen King's Dreamcatcher? Think ripley. Think byrus. Um, yeah.

2. Next time you're out for a walk in the woods, or anywhere, try not to look down when you're walking. I know it sounds crazy, but my field research (walking through the woods every day for the last 5 years) suggests that we don't trust our brains enough when we walk. They (our brains) are designed to take care of little stuff, like 'there's a big rock there...go around it' and 'look down at this point, because you're about to step in deer poop.' But we don't let our brains do their jobs. I don 't know, maybe it's all those years of city living, avoiding eye contact, looking down at the sidewalk. Our brains aren't being allowed to do their job of processing incidental sensory information. Have I mentioned we're not letting them do their jobs? Anyways, we better watch out. Use it or lose it, baby.

3. Okay, you're on to me. Tip 2 was really a ruse to talk about my brain theory. But honestly, our escape from hunting-gathering has put us out of touch with some of our brains' coolest functionality. That's my theory. Discuss.

4. Never take advice from someone whose brain is operated by a squirrel.


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