Monday, March 13, 2006

Thinking of changing psychological disorders

I'm thinking of trading up from obsessive-compulsive disorder to manic-depression or possibly bipolar disorder (if someone can explain the difference to me). I'm looking at my options. It's just ..,'hmmm...obsessive coffee-stir-counting versus manic episodes where I believe I'm invincible...hmmm' (moving hands in an unbalanced-scale-like fashion). Maybe it's just me, but even brief episodes of invincibility have to be better than my slavery to the coffee spoon...

See, the thing is that now the OCD has me fixated on the online vintage clothing shopping. I'm concerned that I'm turning into a Type A Hoarder. I don't want them to find me one day, buried under old mink stoles and antique petticoats, having had to track down my body through a maze of 10-foot high corridors of vintage Harper's and Vogue.

That's no way to go.


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