Thursday, March 02, 2006

The lynchpin of the celebrity universe?

I've been to NYC about 3 times in the past 2 years...have a cousin who lives in Brooklyn...try to get down as much as possible. I love New York.

Anyhow, so I've had 2 celebrity sightings on 2 of those visits. Like, the only sightings in my life. Hey, I'm from freaking CANADA, okay??!!!

The first time, I saw Mike Myers at a Starbucks in Soho. It was kind of funny because 1. he DOES have a huuuge head (said with Scottish accent) and 2. because he is Canadian like me, I felt somehow entitled to go up and say we're relatives or something (I stopped myself).

The second time was Rachel Wiesz. She was coming out of the Soho Hotel and I just briefly glanced at her because some weirdo seemed to be following her and shouting things at her. So I thought she was some poor lady being stalked. It was actually the look she gave me that made me realize that I'd seen her before. The look said 'For God's sake, please don't stare at me just because I'm famous'-slash-'stare at me; I'm famous' . If she hadn't looked at me like that I probably wouldn't even have registered her.

Okay, so those were my two celebrity sightings. They didn't happen the same day--they happened in different years. Now today I'm checking out the recent big kahuna fashion parties on, avoiding working on this financial article about the economic boom in Chinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

...shit, sorry. Dozed off at mention of article...

So I'm surfing around on Can't believe what some of the people are wearing, etc. And whose photo pops up?

Christ, I can't seem to shake these two...Do you think they're stalking me?

Look at the way they're looking at me...Like they're staring right into my soul...We see you...You are the glue that binds us...Come, join us in our superstar universe....

That's some moderately weird stuff.


Blogger Moose said...

Wow. They even look like stalkers. I sure wouldn't want THAT leering at me from behind a tree.

5:16 PM  
Blogger whyioughtta said...

I know! What's with the weird scrunched-up nose thing? E-V-I-L, I tell you.

3:53 PM  

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