Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Make mine an Hermes scarf, dear...

I was out for dinner with my aunt and mother the other night. When I told them I was planning on natural childbirth, they were not impressed. "Nobody's gonna give you a prize the next day, you know," my aunt informed me sternly. Which made me think...hmmm....maybe there SHOULD be some kind of prize. I mean, yeah yeah, the baby's the ultimate prize, etcetera etcetera. But I'm talking about a prize that doesn't produce poopy diapers.

Imagine my joy, then, when I came across this article on today's Baby baubles, push presents...whatever you want to call them, there's apparently this fabulous trend where daddies are giving mommies little tokens of appreciation for pushing their future NHL star into the universe through the great gates of life.

It seems there should be an ascending scale of value, though, depending on what type of birth you choose. All natural? Diamond studs. C-section? A gold pendant. All-natural breech birth: $10,000,000 cash.

Typically, jewellery companies have already jumped on board. Best yet worst advertising slogan of the year: “She delivered your first born; now give her twins.” (Referring to diamond earrings.)

Personally, I think my husband also deserves a gift for being so supportive and, well, proactive (sorry for the awful corporate word) in helping me with the physical challenges of pregnancy. I haven't gotten up to get myself a juice or picked up a heavy laundry basket since he knocked me up five months ago. It's been heavenly...Maybe I'll get him a new watch.

I haven't actually given birth yet, so it's hard to put in an order. But I hear natural childbirth hurts a little (or as one person in the article says "redefines the meaning of pain." That's a little ominous.) So I figure that has to be worth at least a $200 Hermes scarf. (Holt Renfrew, darling.)