Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This (bun) just in (the oven)...

Hi folks...Sorry I've been so negligent in providing the world with my incredible insights into nothing and commenting on irrelevancies apropos of nothing. The thing is, you, see, I am with child. I'm sorry I've kept it from you, but I wanted to wait until the magical "safe to tell" point...end of first trimester...which is not really that magical or that safe.

So there you have it: bun in oven, 3 months gone.

I have been sick/tired/nauseous/dry heaving and, well, that all takes up a lot of time. It was San Francisco that did this to me, I just know it. (And my husband prolly had something to do with it too.)

We are very, very happy about it, despite my crappy barf-riddled attitude at the moment. I will write a long post soon with more details than you ever wanted to hear about my pregnancy, wherein I will imply that mine is the only pregnancy that has ever been or ever will be. Until then (and it will be soon,) I'll be quietly gestating and waiting for the "glow" to hit. Thanks for dropping by!

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