Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I don't blog, therefore I amn't

Gawd I miss blogging. I love blogging. But, alas, I love my little girl more.

Nevertheless, I'm starting to have a little more 'spare' time to get back to ye old blahg and will write whenever I can.

Am spending most of my time nursing, holding, caressing peachfuzz, kissing toes and ears...but also running, biking, hiking. And I find myself increasingly pulled into the tractor-beam that is the Internet.

I'm sure none of my old blog friends bother to stop by anymore. Don't blame yaz. The well has been dry for months, after all. But if you're a new visitor, don't feel you must lurk. Be a good girl or boy and say hello.

I am working on some deep thoughts, really...it just takes me much longer these days to formulate them, what with the sleep deprivation. Think of me as Treebeard the Ent. I will get the thoughts out, and hopefully they'll be good...but it may take a while.

Things I'm thinking about these days besides my new motherhood:

France - History, society, current events, perceptions, intellectual honesty. Did I mention I'm a francophile?
Film - Have been watching lots of French films lately (see above) and lots of movies, period. I loved 10 Items or Less (Morgan Freeman, Paz Vega -- who really must be careful about the Penelope Cruz resemblance).
Stories - I have not one but TWO well-fleshed-out novel plots now. More on this later...
Art - I am so over Warhol (well to be honest, I was never really under him). For unknown reasons, am in love with 19th-century Russian portrait painting.
Clothes - Always. I am in love with Helena Horstedt and also all things Italian. Still waiting on my Hermes scarf.

TTFN, as the fifth-graders say...