Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aren't I just little-miss-comment-on-awards-shows

Been busy lately, but not too busy to consume/process/eliminate the Oscars. I was going to write a full review, but instead I'm going to focus on the most important part of the Academy Awards: the gowns.

Normally I'd address this matter on my style blog, Stylaholic--Jonesin' for Vintage, but as this is really more of a "world issues" discussion, I'll discuss it here, on my blather forum.

1. Nicole Kidman: I Don't Get the Controversy

I didn't see her red-carpet coverage (please, people, save the redhead/carpet jokes for a less serious matter), but when she came out to present, I thought "Wow. She looks fantastic." I love the drama of the bow. I think the halter is a perfect style for her body type. I don't understand why this has been so panned. Maybe it's the colour? People often can't handle colour. But N.K. sure as hell can. The only negative thought I had about this was "Gee, her boobs look artificial." There is some serious lifting and separating--and padding--going on here. I think she would have been better off to go au naturel in the bubbies department. But other than that...and the little bit of glitter around the neck which I don't care for at all...I think she's a sexy will 'o the whisp.

Designer: Balenciaga

2. Gwynnnnnneth Paltrowwwww: I Love a Girl in Coral

This was my favourite dress of the evening. I thought Gwynnie looked delicious, possibly for the first time ever at an awards show (remember that pink meringue she wore the year she won for...what was it...Shakespeare in Love maybe?). I adore this gown. And the colour and cut are beautiful on her. Adore it. Adore. Also love the simplicity of the accessories and hair--ditto for Reddy McVermillion above.

Designer: Zac Posen

3. Kirsten Dunst: Perfect Segue From 18th-C France, Miss D

I know the Fug Girls deride her mercilessly, but I don't care: I think K.D. has a great sense of style. This was my second-favourite gown of the evening, with the Big Fat Caveat that I don't find this colour works on her. As you all know, I'm a biiiiig vintage fan. But, confession time: I have some kind of issue with pale green. Like I need to manually override my dislike for it. It's shameful, I know--but I just can't imagine how anyone could be flattered by the colour of mold spores. Still, I love the dress with all its gauzy, feathery, sparkly magic.

Designer: Chanel

4. Reese Witherspoon: My, my, my--Racy, Even a Little Rock and Roll

Divorce has worked wonders for Reese. I'm a little tired of the hair and straplessness, but otherwise she has been looking totally fab. I don't usually like the colour-gradation effect, but it's so subtle and beautiful in this dress that it's quite stunning. I like how casual she looks. Hopefully she'll be a little less safe next time, but I thought this was a winner.

Designer: Olivier Theyskens

5. Kate Winslet: Must...Overlook...Pale Green

I don't think I've ever seen Kate Winslet wearing something I didn't find gorgeous and perfect for her. Until this. The style/cut is great. Neckline gorgeous. Scarfy thing majestic. But that colour...Good God have mercy, I'm having a hard time seeing past it. I love Kate Winslet. I love Kate Winslet. I love Kate Winslet...

Designer: Valentino

6. Jennifer Lopez: Um, No.

Yeah, so Marchesa is a controversial brand these days cuz it's owned by the girlfriend of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the fashion world doesn't like that kind of usurpation. Still, the superstar set seems to love Marchesa gowns. I don't generally like what I've seen, although there have been some exceptions. I find the ornamentation a little vulgar. There, I said it. So much for me ever receiving a free gown from them. I thought this gown particularly unflattering on JLo--too much volume on the bottom half disrupts her perfect hourglass--although I think her hair and makeup looks lovely.

Designer: Marchesa

7. Cameron Diaz: Cool in Theory

I like Cameron's gown in theory. The things I like about it include the fit (form-fitting but not tight-tight-tight), the off-the shoulder neckline (she has beautiful shoulders), the flameco-esque hemline (shorter in front, ruffly train in back). It's sort of a casual modern take on old glamour. What I didn't like about it, mostly, was the colour. I strongly dislike white gowns when not worn by brides. I also don't really like pure white all over in general. I don't mind white dresses, but gowns are too bridal. Also, the collar-thingy too closely resembles a sailor collar for my liking. But Cameron is gorgeous, there's no denying it.

Designer: Valentino

8. Catherine Deneuve: Timeless

This is a stunning dress perfect for a woman of her age and stature. Can you believe this woman is in her mid-60s? The clutch and the perfect little shoe peeking out from under the modest-length hemline: magnifique. Fascinating that her dress was designed by a controversial original like Gaultier. I love her simple choices in hair and accessories. She embodies timeless chic.

Designer: Gaultier

9: Milena Canonero: On Another Level

Sure, she's not the first woman to wear a woman-tux. But when you consider that she's an extraordinary costume designer (won for Marie Antoinette--as she should have), it makes her decision to wear a tux particularly intriguing. To me, this is the difference between fashion and style. Style knows when to set oneself apart in a subtle way without trying to compete with the superstars. I thought the fact that she chose not to wear a gown (and doubtless she could have whipped up something out of this world) was intelligent and very chic. Bravo Milena!

p.s. woman-tuxes are sexy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Camera--and Thoughts--Obscura

Why can't the Grammys be about music like this? Tracyanne Campbell writes fantastic, beautiful, simple, real, great, great songs.

Camera Obscura is not a new band, but they're a new discovery for me and definitely a new musical fave.

That's it, I'm going to the UK/Europe...

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. In the words of T.C., "Let's Get Out of This Country."

Monday, February 12, 2007

The 2007 Shammy Awards

First: didn't catch the first 1/2 hour or so of the Grammys. Just the farce that was the other 7 1/2 hours.

When a music awards show leaves me saying "Thank GOD for Christina Aguliera," stick a fork in Civilization, cuz it's done.

Justin Timberlake is a great live performer too.

Again, fork.

Other than that, first-class ticket to Suxville.

Oh and John Mayer is also pretty good, but if he performed live I didn't catch it.

What the hell is a Rascal Flatz or whatever it's called when it's at home (which is somewhere in a time machine locked at circa The Billy-Ray Syrus Years)? To have the ability to render Hotel California shitty; well, that's monumental. I mean, Karaoke singers around the world routinely do better.

Who was that woman with a large autumnal floral arrangement in her green hair? She fascinates and terrifies me...I must hear her music.

Not to be cruel, but what's up with Mandy Moore? Yikes.

Carrie Underwood: I won't attack her personally, but American Idol is officially the shrieking, chord-run infested death-knell of the pop recording industry. Soon will come plagues. One-third of all living things shall die. The sea shall be as blood. It will be Stadium Arcadium, everywhere.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Came across one of these in the woods the other day. I leashed Chico right away and we gave the wolf a nice wide berth, but he (or she?) didn't do much but sit there and watch us, all elegant and wizened. Although I was a little nervous ("wolves travel in packs...where are the other ones?...why does he keep looking up into the woods like that?"), it was mostly a touching-my-own-animal-nature, by which I mean a pumping-adrenaline-through-my-system-like-a-hunted-jackrabbit, kind of experience.

Other than the wolf run-in, and of course that hideous intruder: work, I've been focused on music and shows and promotions and haven't got much time to blog. But I'll be back soon.