Thursday, August 24, 2006

Since muthaf*&^ing IS the new wazzaaaaahhhp...

(Writing about other blogs' cleverness = not having to be clever myself. I think I'm on to something...)

Time to give my new blogger friends some love. Check out 'friends' additions to the right. No, not down there. Up there. Yes, that's right.

If you enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson's recent addition to the cultural lexicon, as presented in film's greatest achievement to date, [Muthaf&^%ing] Snakes on a [Muthaf&^%ing] Plane, then you will adore one of my new favourite blogs, Arse End of Ireland. Here there don't be snakes (they were driven hence by old St. Paddy many a year ago), but there sure do be a lot of muthaf&^%in. In word only, cheeky monkeys. Seriously, The Swearing Lady is seriously funny. And a honking good writer. Give her some love ya tossers! (I have no idea what that means, but it sure feels good writing it).

Veering from my Irish Canadian ethnocentricity now, I'd also like to introduce you to American blogger Malnurtured Snay. Again, a most humourous blogger with excellent writing skills who says it like it is, only funnier. And, uh, I think he's just kidding about the guns. I'd also like to point out he's the first person I've ever come across who had exactly the same reaction I did to Anne Proulx's writing style (choppy indeed) in The Shipping News.

If you ever need to know anything about the many other uses of Cadbury Cream Eggs, the best way to smear protein on your face (passing out in a plate of cheese nachos), or filtering smog with enzymes, you must check out my new Canadian blog acquaintance, Molecular Turtle. He's taking the, er, "mistry" out of "chemistry," one blog post at a time. ( was the best I could come up with.)

Check out the other wonderful old friends as well. There's lots of humour and great writing to go around on ye olde Internet. I'll add new friends as I find 'em.

And check out my band's blog when ya get a minute. These songs are golden oldies...but we're coming out with a new album next month. Also, mine's the blue-clad butt in the canoe. And I'm also the girl in the red dress (No, not up there. Down there. Farther. Yes, there I am.)


Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

'fraid I'm not kidding about the guns. I'm a center-left kind of guy, but let's face it ... Americans are violent, and I need to protect myself from them!

6:21 PM  
Blogger whyioughtta said...


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