Friday, August 11, 2006

Sniff...our little girl's all grown up...

Big news on the Whyioughtta family front. BIG news.

My sister bought her first dress.

I haven't seen it, and I don't think it's vintage, but it was a dress, dammit--a real goshdarn dress. With a bodice and a skirt and sleeves and everything. Even kind of sheer on top, she said.

The momentousness of this event becomes clearer when you realize that Sister is in her early 30s.

Since the age of twelve, my sister has worn a dress approximately 4 times. These included her own graduation, Halloween (oh wait, was her boyfriend who wore the dress that time), a Vancouver gay pride parade, and my wedding. She bought none of them--all were made or donated.

It's not that she doesn't have style. She does. In fact, she's got great taste and she's very discerning about clothes. Her tastes fall mostly on the goth/punk side, and there's a lot of black, but she has principles and a great eye for fit. She also rarely--almost never--wears makeup. And she's one of those haltingly beautiful people who doesn't need embellishment. But she told me [biting knuckle, fending off tears as I write this] she wore "a little eye makeup" with the new dress. Choke...makes me so proud.

Ever since that summer when she refused to wear anything but tap shoes and a t-shirt that said 'Future Fox,' we've all been a little nervous about what the future held for Sister. But now I can breathe a quiet sigh of relief. Maybe a smidge of my uber-girly influence has sunk in.

Sister is getting married this fall, and we're all headed off to the Dominican Republic for that one. I'm not holding out any hopes for a flowy, beachy white wedding gown--that's not Sister's style. But then again....apparently anything is possible.

Here's to sisters.


Blogger Molecular Turtle said...

That's a really touching entry. I know how you feel I have a younger sister and it's suprising to find out somedays how much she's growing up

11:46 PM  

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