Saturday, February 18, 2006

I have nothing short to say

I've racked my brains and I just don't have anything short to say. However, I'm hoping that vapidity is a sufficient replacement for brevity. Because I'm gonna talk about clothing now.

Like several of my favourite bloginistas and blogadivas, I love stylin duds. I especially love vintage. Goes with my love of old movies, I guess. Also, I fear the specter of a world in which the only clothing available is produced by that one company that owns The Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, etc. I mean, it's even starting to dominate Value Village. It's truly frightening, people.

See this pink lace number? If you go to Posh Girl, you'll see a little red 'Sold' under it. That's all me, baby. Its target release date is a family wedding, July 20, 2006. No red wine or dark liquor may be consumed within a 10-foot radius of it. I've already informed the bride, who is planning to become a white wine drinker anyways in consideration of her white dress and penchant for spilling all beverages she touches.

Pinky-lace-a-licious is already hanging in the place of honour in my closet, with my grandmother's vintage gold-striped pink 50s beads hanging at the neck. I just have to find the right slip...I'm thinking either wine or champagne, or possibly some kind of full-slip-petticoat thing. I have some pinkish/natural pumps to wear with it as well.

This red number on the right is mine now too...Feeling kinda giddy about it. Love it. Will find or make a blue peekaboo petticoat half-slip to wear under it.

Um, if you could, ah, not mention anything about this one to my husband, I'd be much obliged. ..The thing is, buying vintage clothing online is both an obsession AND an investment. Yeah, that's right. An investment. It'', historical preservation and contributing to the continuity of...culture. Yeah. Also, I've made it kind of a policy to spend my clothing budget on really lovely vintage pieces rather than lots of Gap-Navy-Republic stuff that's only in for a season and which isn't really made well enough to last any longer than that.

Reddy-Mc-Gorgeous should be arriving by post any day now. I can't wait to cradle her in my arms...


Blogger Moose said...

Part of me wants to sneak things into the house, the rest of me is so proud of what I've bought that I want to show it off.

I get mocked, but that's the price one must pay.

10:42 PM  
Blogger whyioughtta said...

I totally agree: mockery is a very small price to pay for fashion dominance.

7:38 AM  

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