Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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I'm definitely no psychologist. In fact, I can barely spell the word (thank God for spell check). But...You know how all of the great writers have recurring images in their work...Shakespeare had royalty and roses, Hemingway had blood and stabbing, Dan Savage has santorum. Do you think we all have recurring images we hold in our psyche, even if we're not writers? And maybe they show up in dreams and the things we're drawn to/afraid of instead.

For instance, I have some crazy-ass recurring dream images. When I was in grad school, I dreamt of water almost every night. I'm not even exaggerating. Whatsoever. At all. In the least. But seriously, I would dream almost every night that I was drowning, or my house and everything I owned was floating away, or that I was being followed by water geysers...Interestingly (or not, if you don't happen to be me), I have also always been terrified of the idea of being on a boat at sea. All that water under you...shudder.

Nowadays, my recurring dream image is tornados. I'm walking around minding my own business, and suddenly there are 50 tornados on the darkening horizon, and they're all coming for me. Or I'm in a house and a tornado is headed for it. Or I'm actually in the middle of a tornado. That's been going on for about 8 years now. Isn't that weird?

I don't think it's just me. I used to babysit this four year-old kid who was obsessed with vacuum cleaners. He'd talk about the vacuum all the time, and he'd want me to take the vacuum out. And he'd play with the attachments. One day, he begged me to turn the vacuum on. So I did, and he turned white and screamed for a quarter of an hour, even after I'd turned it off. What the hell is that about?

So if we all have these recurring images in our minds, where do they come from? I don't live anywhere near a tornado zone. I've never even seen one in person.

Do people in China have the same recurring images as me? If so, how can that be?

I'm sure there's some Freudian or Jungian answer to this. In the meantime: what are your recurring themes?


Blogger jackp said...


2:40 PM  
Blogger Moose said...

I used to have recurring dreams about my teeth falling out. Everyone told me it was stress. I figured it was just because I hadn't gone to the dentist in years. I went to the dentist and, sure enough, the dreams stopped.

4:52 PM  
Blogger whyioughtta said...

It's almost like your cavities were trying to communicate with you. "Please see a dentist, stat. - Sincerely, your cavities"

Now, the teeth falling out dream is not uncommon. I've had a few myself. And therein lies the weirdness of the human psyche. How come we all have those rotten teeth dreams? And the naked-at-school dreams?

5:02 PM  
Blogger Peggy said...

REsponding to your comments on narcissism.
Your ? is there really no help for this client - there is help, however, most narcissists cannot face their own imperfection long enough to stay in therapy to overcome their dilemma. At the bottom of most narcissistic experience is that their own parents did not love them, accept them, etc. unless they were perfect. Since perfection isn't possible that expectation from early childhood puts them in the position of always "trying to be".

Narcissistics are not always stuck with being a perfectionist, that just happens to be this clients' problem. They are all stuck with the expectation that "others" be perfect and become very dillusioned when they discover they are not. That is one of the downsides of therapy for them. The therapist loses his/her stature as a perfect therapist, the client becomes dillusioned and discontinues.
This post is getting too long so I'll stop. Its a complex topic, obviously. Important that people not diagnose themselves. I remember in grad school I was sure I had everthing outlined in my first class in Abnormal Psych. Of course I do and I don't. It is all a matter of degrees.

10:27 AM  
Blogger jackp said...

teeth falling out...for sure...had them several's like the teeth never stop falling out...i'm chewing on them like Chicklets...

problem is...i'm i have to see the dentist...

11:02 AM  

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