Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Night in Canada -- Our World Is About to Radically Change

It's election night here in Canada. Which means, of course, that tomorrow we confront the dawn of a whole new era of imperceptibly different political leadership. Because, bottom line, the distinction between our political parties--I mean when the poop finally trickles down to the average person--is so minor that it's actually kind of funny. Oh, to hear those crazy politicians talk, it's like they're from different planets. But to people from places like the Middle East or Eastern Europe, the major Canadian political parties are literally indistinguishable. I mean, it's not like if you vote the wrong guy in you'll get shot or your barber shop will be used as an artillery storage bunker.

Although I have to say that Canadian Alliance/"Conservative" leader Smirky Harper has really breathed some fresh air into things with his wacky right-wing antics. Taking away gay marriage, taking away women's right to choose, taking away environmental laws, taking away public daycare--he's our version of Merlin. Poof! There goes another one of your hard-earned rights! Bwahahahaha. Next target: women's voting. That tomfoolery has gone on long enough...

By the way, what is it with neocon types and the smirking? Is it like a Freemason handshake?

I voted, though. And I actually veered away from my usual party for a change. Cheesy as it may sound, there is kind of a cool energy to the whole voting experience. I live in a small village, and the polling station was downright festive. We saw the guy who delivers the crushed stone for our driveway, and the real estate agent who once tried to convince us to buy a house that was located under a highway (don't ask). I haven't seen those guys in forever.

Michael Moore had some interesting comments on our election today--posted on his Web site. Well, gotta go warm up the popcorn maker--there's a hockey game on, and then the real action begins: election result coverage. See you on the flipside.


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